Guarantor's Oath

I hereby guarantee that I shall liquidate the loan/facility undertaken by the applicant in the case of a default.  

I undertake to indemnify KYTE CAPITAL & CREDIT LIMITED with the value of this loan and any form of indebtedness and other associated cost of debt recovery/charges on behalf of the applicant if he/she fails to repay the loan facility on or before the due date.

That you shall be at liberty [without discharging or impairing my liability under this guarantee] to treat and deal with the applicant on all occasions and in all respects as though I were liable to you jointly with him/her and not merely a surety on his/her behalf.

I also attest to the fact that I am duly informed and privy of this transaction between KYTE CAPITAL & CREDIT LIMITED and the applicant. 

Caution: It is dangerous to guarantee a person not well known to you.

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